Jonah’s Belly

a novel by

Anthony Wittwer

About the Book
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About the Book

Thriller, love story, and supernatural tale, Jonah’s Belly is an
intricately woven tapestry of tender and terrible things.

Strange things are happening on the hill called Jonah’s Belly. A tall circle of weathered stone pillars stands on top of the hill. The circle of stones is ancient, crumbling, and holy—a small and hidden Stonehenge, slumbering in the mist-covered woods. An old magic has begun flowing from the stone circle and spilling down Jonah’s Belly. The magic touches those living near the hill, drawing together ordinary people and extraordinary beings as events and dark forces begin to collide.

At the heart of the developing storm are Blue and Elissa, raw and wounded from the recent accident that claimed their unborn child’s life. Blue lies awake at night, thinking about the secrets he’s keeping from Elissa—secrets about the accident that took their son, and secrets about the fragile sound he’s begun hearing in the darkness outside their cabin…the sound of a baby crying. Crying somewhere on Jonah’s Belly.

Attracted by the drifting magic, other things gather….

…a Gypsy carnival appears at the local fairground. The fortune-teller’s sign warns, “All You Want To Know. And More You Don’t.”

…the Matchman arrives. A shimmering, red-haired man in a corporate black suit, he brings dangerous gifts, and counsels those he meets to “Stay small. Don’t Stir. Stay tucked tight away.”

…five black cars begin prowling the county’s web of back roads. The cars crisscross the territory slowly, studying the area’s secluded homes, and sometimes stopping to visit nightmares upon those who live inside.

… the Glammerys, a multi-generational nest of evil and violence living at the bottom of a sunless ravine are visited by something more evil and violent than they’ve ever imagined.

….and something else. Something unseen, prowling in the wood’s dark and green tangled places.

Propelled forward by the powerful forces of family, friendship, loss, and reunion, Jonah’s Belly is a story of love, revenge, horror, myth, and the magic of every day.